Jamie Carragher analyses Tottenham’s poor start to the season

That continues Tottenham’s miserable start to the season but actually the
poor form can be traced much further back have a look at this on the left is
Spurs records since the start of paja Tino’s second season that goes up until
the Bernie match on February 23rd this year on the right is Tottenham’s form
since and you can see that incredible drop-off in the win ratio points less
than half per game goals down they’re conceding more having fewer shots and
facing almost three shots more per game Jamie how do you explain that dramatic
shift in numbers well how I explain it is I think this cycles over of this Tottenham team and I love this Tottenham
team and I love this Tottenham manager but last season get into the Champions
League final in some ways papered over the cracks slightly they lost 20 games
last season so that was my woody for them are they gonna get back to what we’ve seen the
last few years the start of this season or is this this team sorta realized it’s
not quite good enough to win the league to win the champion and it feels to me
it’s physical mental what Patricia’s mental maybe an ejection also but
there’s a lack of intensity and I just think it becomes from the fact that
they’ve been together so long and they just not quite good enough and it looks
to me like it this is this is the end of it really or than not going there
they’re never gonna win the league or the Champions League now they just about
qualify over the top four and that was the remiss three or four years ago this
graphic here how many shots they face and that first
Arsenal game at Wembley when it went as I said that was the Tottenham that I’ve
loved these last few years six shots 26 against the National a few weeks ago and
it hasn’t changed.

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we can see that seven against bad well if you can see the ten
in the two games before the Watford game so hasn’t massively changed and there’s
a lack of intensity mentality just a drop off that just makes me feel they’re
not quite going to get where I hoped they would get I really did
I still feel there’s some really good players in that squad some great players
for Tottenham and the I think they’vegot still one of the top managers not
just in the Premier League but in your but for me now him being there for six
years the same players they’ve reached a level now what I don’t think they gotta go any
higher why are we using a different language to discuss Spurs than we have
used on this program back down the years talking about lesser City from title
winners to mid-table from Chelsea the same from title winners to mid-table
talking about players downing tools why we’re not talking about this with Spurs
no I don’t think it’s a case of down the tools that this seems to be one of the

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most consistent teams are probably for four to five years I tell you what it
reminds me of and that that’s why I’m not gonna be too critical of the manager
all the players is I I was managed by Jared hooli eight for six years Rafa
Benitez for six years they’re the two biggest influences on my career they did
great jobs Philip won trophies the thing for those was to try and win the league
the thing for talking mister with anything well for those it was Ichi ager
and closer to the league closer closer we then got to second and we completely
fell away and it almost needed to be started again and we’re talking to me
feels like it needs to be started again either with a  new manager because he’s
not good enough because he’s good enough but maybe just a different voice or the
other way we actually say we need to change this squad and this squad should
have been changed a lot longer than before now the managers been crying out
for that so I think you’ve got a point fingers at the chair and the people at
the top of the club that has team is just being the same good players but
sometimes it needs fresh animal and now he feels like he’s just gone on too long
what do you think the solution might be Patrice

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I completely agree with Jamie I think they reach their limits you know I
always see a totem an exciting team to watch but no as a winner you know when
people think like every year Tottenham get a chance to win the title I don’t think they got the player to win to win the title like he say they play for the top four so compared to last year they went to the final of Champions League so they must be like really disappointed to not win it and mentally you get affected of that and that’s why I’m like he said pocket in you is a great manager but maybe sometime you need a big shell or maybe you need like extra player quality player and maybe pocket you know ask them and he didn’t II didn’t get them
should they consider selling their prized assets I mean Roy Keane was mentioning it on
Super Sunday yesterday that maybe Manchester United could somehow price
Harry came from there should they think about selling hurricane

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selling deli early to try and raise some funds to improve the rest exactly they’re after to reboot the tube like I
say it’s six year they’re playing together and the problem is like when it’s a long period you play together and
you don’t win something mentally is really difficult to recover after that I
just think we’ve got to the thing where every either get better clothes and
nearly won the league record points total Champions League final and you come so close it was just oh and you’re
just not quite they need the van Dijk or the Allison moment that Liverpool have
had that just made before never pull sandals to players taught them finish
the would Liverpool I think that 710 years or 709 years they just never have
a got that superstar to take them to the next level to actually win something and
as I said it now looks like they’re going the other way and that’s the massive problem for the only five points on the top four and they’ve got Liverpool at Anfield next weekend looking forward to that 

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