Patrice Evra discusses the racism incident with Luis Suarez in emotive interview | MNF

we have to talk about it Patrice that we
are seeing almost weekly incidents now
with with things happening on the pitch
things happening off the pitch and the
fans which happened this weekend as well
happened last week in Bulgaria is
happening in our game as well are you
worried by the escalation of incidents
in football here I’m not surprised
and the problem racism is is when we say
Raisa we talk about what just the color
the religion is many things about the
racism and I know we try to use the
football to make sure like to send a
strong message to the world but it’s
about the society that’s when is the
problem because even if we we like ban Agen Slot Online 10k
people from the stadium when they make
like some racist nose or outside it will
be the same and it’s about the education
it’s about the way you’re going to
educate your kid you have to stop now
with the young people to make sure at
school everywhere we tell them like it’s
really important but in the same way the
music we are listening we can yeah it’s
a lot of hip-hop music when you have the
n-word like even some some people black
people between each other they call each
other with this name and when it’s going kakaslot
to be a white a white person they’re
gonna we’re gonna call him like a racist
so I don’t agree with them even what
what’s happening with Mandy and and
Silva is a joke but if if I start to say
like come on it was just a joke people
will say ah Patrice you’ve been paying
by white people to saying that so is it
is it is really difficult to talk about
racist so that’s why it is the first
time I spoke about it on TV but I don’t
believe like those campaign say no
traces because even the player you know
when they are in the front of the camera
they ask me to do those things I don’t
do it because you need to understand the
gravity and it’s really important but it
start with the education because if link alternative
someone is born a family and it’s family
all their entire life they’ve been
racist is going to be racist so it’s
about the education I know we we say
like maybe the players should walk off
the page of I don’t know maybe we can
like the
team when they they make some noise his
racist noise you you lost the game
straight away 5-nil I don’t know which
solution we gonna we gonna but but it’s
bigger than the football it’s bigger
than the food I’m happy the football guy
going to start to strong message we have
we have to start somewhere but the
problem is like some black people there
are Russ’s eat each other so and maybe
some religion like I give you an example
about my dad and is a Catholic have been
born raised as a Catholic when is it
happened the terrorist attack in Paris
when we are playing in start of France
and you know straight away you can see
all the people
Islam Islam is about the Islam and I
post something I say please can we stop
blaming the Islam because Islam is a
beautiful religion you have to to
understand you have to read the Quran
and you will see the beauty so it’s not
about the his name so I protect them
my dad was furious with me because it’s Main Slot Deposit Pulsa
a Catholic why you do I said I said I
know you raised me as a Catholic but I
think this is wrong it’s not about the
Islam so even I can go against my dad
against my mom against my brother if my
you know I will I will stay with my
cohesion no matter what the trees only
the Luis Suarez incident do you actually
feel that he shouldn’t be in balance it
should actually be more education in
terms of what yeah but you also you
wouldn’t wanted to see the pan
you didn’t wanted to see him punished me
exactly exactly because I remember when
he happened is accident and I never go
to the court and saying Luis Suarez is
there is a racist because he used some
racist well so it’s difficult even that
because I say to the co I don’t want you
to to ban Luis Suarez but I just want to
be aware that because I didn’t react
because imagine that day I was punching
him all the TV all the kids they will
see me like me punching ray Suarez and I
will look like like the villain so it’s
more like even if you find someone he
won’t care it’s about the education
doing like something I don’t know
sending him to to to Africa helping the
then to see like we all the same we only
met me I don’t have like any color when
I when I look to someone I am I want
just to be the best human being I can
I’m not perfect but me I would never go
say I’m proud to be black I’m proud to
be this no I’m just a human being and
some people they didn’t understand that
just when this was happening I was that
the PFA breath for Liverpool and and
golden Taylor macho fee you know he was
the the pay fi head of the Union and he
was actually trying to get yourself a
new B Suarez together and he was coming
through me with that message was that a
message coming through to you at
Manchester United would you be prepared
to actually oh definitely it’s off after
that definitely and I was so
disappointed when you know after the ban
and the team with having Kevin Douglas
they play with the supports Juarez
because actually even like some people
that were calling me a liar but after
you can see on the TV issei issei those
words and I say again I can’t call with
Suarez racist it just used some races
what that day but is is a big is a big
is a big issue
and I’m a positive person I hope things
will change but he says it’s a long long
road but interesting you talk about that
because you were part of that that local
dressing room well at that time I was
actually hosting the game I think we’ve
Gary Neville Wigan yeah we watching the
game yeah yeah I saw it like at the
warm-up yeah was an how did you feel
when you saw us like this is ridiculous
this is like this is unbelievable i I
think this is and even for the club I
think like you put your your own club in
danger when you do those thing because
it’s not like I will understand like you
always have to support your your player
because this is from your team but this
is after the ban if he was before the
ban we waiting for the sunshine iron I
will clearly understand but he get the
ban and you which message you send to
the world when you do that supporting
someone being ban because you some races
words can you explain to me that that
the confused thinking that was going on
in the Liverpool dressing room and time
let us know that we made a massive
mistake you know that was that was
I found I mean it was an evening game so
and cause it was wigging we traveled on
the day the game so we got there me and
Ireland cheer me up a team meeting and I
just remember I’m in the team meeting I
don’t know it was the manager of Steve
Clark asking one of the players are you
still weird in the shit’s and I at the
face that’s here Debbie and I’m not
lying on that and saying I wasn’t patted
pretty good you as a cool we got it
wrong and we were at all past that I was
vice-captain but that was the first I’d
heard of it that afternoon so I’m not
sure who’s actually behind it maybe the
the cloaks players I know you mentioned
the manager I don’t think I had anything
to do with Ken even be honest I think it
was more than the players who Louie was
close to in the dressing room who really
wanted to support they sort of mate and
their friends and what I would say is
maybe I can look at myself now and say
you didn’t have the courage to say me as
an individual
I’m not winning because once the team is
decide or the squad or you know
something something I’m of courage
really and probably the other players in
the indigent
I don’t think everyone within that
within a Liverpool Football Club thought
we were doing what was right yeah
but I do I do think that whenever a
Football Club and listen you know what
racing now it’s we know what it’s about
and it’s the top of everyone’s sort of a
thought at this moment to eradicate it
but we can’t help and it’s wrong but as
your own family as a football club your
fierce reaction no matter what someone
does is to sort of support them even if
you know that the wrong and that is
wrong and what you mentioned before
about I think silver and Mandy that was
he made it I think it certainly wasn’t
Luis Suarez but it he’s made a mistake
okay but even man city’s first reaction
is to actually come out and support
their mate in the understanding and
Rahim came a pep guardiola yeah and I
think I’m not in any way condone and
what we with lluís Wireless it’s it’s
wrong but club is no matter what
incidents it is racism are so different
things what whatever go I’ll go on that
is the fierce reaction
really and as I said apologies we got
mercifully no no no because actually I
understand because the first reaction of
your club and your teammate is to
support you because even if I made a
mistake and I see like my teammate or
the club doesn’t support me I will be
like are they letting me down you know
that’s all I understand and I I do not
understand it’s 5050 I also remember
that the game at Old Trafford that
followed it and again I was in the chair
and I remembering the build-up to that
Manchester nights Liverpool is always
huge all the talk before the game
bizarrely was whilst they’re going to be
a handshake or no it was unbelievable
all the week like the people like even
my mom they Co are you going to check
his hand a player Patrice Ferguson it
was like the end chick was more
important than Liverpool against
Manchester United we’re talking about
the massive game so that’s why I was
even like as well frustrated I was too
people focus on the game and I remember
I I talked with my mom and she asked me
before what you’re going to do say you
know mommy I am someone I forgive and I
will shake it then no matter what and
you know he made a mistake and I wish I
won’t go in all day with him but I will
shake it then and when I check in and I
saw it didn’t I was like what was wrong
with that guy I was like now he he make
himself worst he make himself worst and
you know he’s I’m feeling sad for him
I’m feeling sad for him

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